February 4, 2019

“Growing without mistreatment” our kids deserve.
For or a few months now we have been collaborating with Fundacion Azulado whose purpose is to eradicate child abuse.
The way this is done is, for the regular person, surprisingly creative, lovely and powerful. Tools are given to the kids through game skills. That’s right! A bunch of games set the scenario for kids to develop and identify risky scenarios and self defense actions. They build up self-esteem and a safety net within their particular reality.

As as an active contributor, I can see these kids having a clear picture 20 years from now to never allow bullying, workplace mobbing, family violence, and many other toxic ways in which humans behave. Fundacion Azulado goes to the very human roots of respect and compassion.

Go Fundacion Azulado! It’s is a honor to contribute to the kids via you. Following your example we promote a 100% healthy workplace around us.

To make a donation to Fundacion Azulado, please go to and click on Sponsor this project. You will be changing lives for good!

Rodas to the Press

October 17, 2015

City manager Rodas offered a speech about the early alert system deployed by our team


September 25, 2015

A two day training was given to emergency teams in the ECU 911 building upon request of the city safety organization EMSEGURIDAD. Suspended deployment of Alert System continued following training. The teams learned how to use the communication equipment, select alert zones and execute siren and voice messages on solar powered amplified systems installed covering several cities on a span of 25 Km.