Who Are We

So how did we get started?

"There you have some dough!" said our friend, an MIT, while lending us funds to start on our SSDM patent. We dedicated our first efforts to compress the usage of bandwith in wireless communications. Therefore, we picked waves as much as waves picked us. Wave reminds us of communications through propagation. From micro-wave communications to wave-length, those are all well known technical terms. Dough, on the other hand, is an analogy to PLAY-DOH – you can shape it to create something new. Wave Dough® represents our ability to use technology to innovate and achieve new solutions to complex problems. In the case of SSDM, you can form a multi-carrier signal by shaping and packing single ones. Wave Dough® resembles our fun spirit, friendly attitude and creative minds. We are here to knead and achieve creating sustainable technologies.

What Do We Do?

DSP Programming

Wave Dough® consolidates 25+ years of experience on traffic systems. With the inclusion of intellectual property and emerging technologies, we develop custom solutions and tools for challenging applications in new markets. These solutions comprise of early alert systems, embedded systems and digital signal processing technologies. Wave Dough® represents brands as well as performs local development for industrial applications. This allows customers to take advantage of custom made features, first-hand local support and low costs.
Wave Dough® integrates DSP solutions for audio companies. We integrate algorithms to TI and AD processors natively and to several OSs such as Android and linux.
Wave Dough® develops intellectual property to minimize the use of the radio-electric spectrum. As today, billionaire auctions rule the use of the frequency spectrum in most countries. These costs are indirectly passed on to the end customers. With more efficient, ant yet reliable communications, the spectrum scarcity can be less of a problem making wireless communications more affordable for daily. We developed a patent pending wireless compression algorithm WIPO WO2014153370. It applies to encryption in the physical medium as well as to digital data. It improves communications harnessing the endurance of the wireless signal in challenging conditions.Wireless communication companies require to use the frequency spectrum to operate. Both frequency licenses and infrastructure to reuse frequencies are costly resources subject to increasing demand. We developed a novel multiplexing method called by SSDM that displays higher flexibility and throughput than OFDM and other spectrally efficient methods. SSDM enables higher spectral efficiency and privacy. In certain scenarios, SSDM presents an increase in effective spectral efficiency of up to 40% compared with  OFDM. Savings in wireless spectrum allows telecommunications companies to be more competitive lowering costs while helping mitigate the spectrum crunch.

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